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Serving Northeast Ohio for 100 years! The focus of Mau-Sherwood is to be recognized by our customers and suppliers as an Industrial Distributor providing Technical Engineered Solutions. We stock industrial supplies that are required for your manufacturing, OEM, and maintenance requirements. Mau-Sherwood has been in business since 1908. We pride ourselves in furnishing quality products from leading manufacturers in the industry. We are recognized as a leader in providing application information to solve problems and reduce production costs. Give Mau-Sherwood an opportunity to prove why we are a growing distributor in Northeast Ohio.

Mau-Sherwood? We are often asked the derivation of the name Mau-Sherwood. In 1908, Howard S. Williams, then treasurer of the Republic Belting Company, purchased the company’s supply division. Two young, aggressive industrial supply salesmen in Cleveland, Frank Mau and Charles Sherwood, joined Williams in this adventure, and the company was given their names. Since our founding in 1908, we have grown to be a large specialty house serving all of Northeastern Ohio and Western Pennsylvania. Our outside sales force and a well-trained group of inside product specialists provide knowledgeable service for a wide range of abrasive & coolant products.

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