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Abrasives: Equipment & Accessories

Arc Abrasives - Coated and Non-woven.
Contact Rubber - Contact Wheels
Cratex - Rubberized Abrasives
Desmond - Wheel Dressers
Dynabrade - Specialty Grinders
E. C. Kitzel - PCD, PCB, Turning Tools
Everett - Cutoff Machines
Hammond Machinery - Belt Grinders & Polishers
Jackson Lea - Buffs & Compounds
Merit - Coated Abrasive Specialties
Modern Abrasives - Mounted Points, Sticks, and Stones.
Pacer - Grinding and Cork Polishing Wheels.
Pacer - Cork Polishing Wheels
Saint-Gobain Abrasives - Norton Bonded , Norton Coated , Norton Beartex , Norton Diamond Tools & Dressers , Norton Superabrasives , Amplex - Electroplated Superabrasives, Compounds , Ceramic Materials - Grain, Powders, Norbide Nozzles , Ernst Winter Brand - Superabrasives , Universal - Superabrasives , Fantastic Tool - Diamond Wheels ,
Sandusky Abrasives - Mounted Points.
Specialty Abrasives & Accessory Items - Cartridge Rolls, Spiral Bands, Flap Wheels, Flap Discs, Discs, PSA Products, Square Pads, Cross Pads, Nonwoven Products, Backup Pads, Sanding Drums, Wheel Dressers
Stephen Bader - Belt Machines
Superior Abrasives - Coated and Non-woven.
Unisand - Coated and Non-woven.
United Abrasives - SAIT.
Washington Mills - Grain.


Osborn - Wire & Filament Brushes for Production and Maintenance

Coolants, Oils, Adhesives & Equipment

Condat - Premium Way and Hydraulic Oils, Vanishing Oils, Hot Forming Fluids, Quench Oils, Micro-Lubricants, Specialty Oils
Cortec - Vapor Phase Corrosion Inhibitor Packaging
Graymills - Parts Washers, Industrial Pumps, Filters and Accessories
Huron Technologies - Mold Releases
Loctite - Adhesives, Sealants, Surface Treatments, Application Equipment
LPS - Electrical Cleaners, Industrial Degreasers, Lubricants/Penetrants, Corrosion Inhibitors
Lubriplate - Industrial Greases, Oils & Lubricants
Master Chemical - Cutting and Grinding Fluids, Cleaning and Washing Compounds, Corrosion Inhibitors, Specialty Fluids
The Andersons - Systems Equipment Div. - Recycling Systems, Sump Clean Out Systems, Fluid Mixing Systems

Cutting Tools

Bahco - Milford - Band, Hack and Hole Saws & Reciprocating Blades
Besly - Taps, Drills, Counterbores, and Reamers.
Big Kaiser - High Performance Rotary Tooling, Boring, Milling and Drilling.
Carmex - Thread Milling, Turning and Grooving.
Command - Tool Holders and Collet Chucks.
Data Flute - High Performance Solid Carbide End Mills.
Dorian - Rotary Tooling, Indexable Tools, Knurls, and Carbide Inserts.
E. C. Kitzel - PCD, PCB, Turning Tools
HPI - Tool Holders and Collet Chucks.
Imco - Carbide End Mills & Burrs
KEO - High Performance Milling, Spot Drills, Countersinks and Counterbores.
Korloy - Precision Milling and Lathe Tools, Carbide Drills, Holders and Rotary Tooling.
LMT Fette - Carbide Milling, Turning, High Performance Taps and Thread Rolling.
North American - Special Taps, Thread Mills, Thread Gages, Dies and Carbide Tools.
Quality Chaser - Thread Chasers
Regal Beloit - Taps, Dies, End Mills & Gages
Sumitomo - High Performance Milling, Turning, Drilling, CBN, and PCD Inserts.
Talbot Industries - Fastcut - End Mills, Drills, & Taps
Widia -
YG1 - End Mills, Spade Blades, Drills, Taps, and Thread Mills.
YMW - Precision Taps and Dies.

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